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Acrostic Poems

By Lara DeHaven

A fun writing activity is to create an acrostic poem.  This is when you use the theme of your poem as a jumping off point for each line.  So for the word LOVE, you would describe it using the letters “L”, “O”, “V”, and “E” at the beginning of each line.  If I am not explaining this type of poem well enough, please read how Wikipedia describes it. 

I explained it to my children with the help of a visual aid, a dry erase board.  Then I read them an example from a poetry book.  I chose to read, “The Feast Day,” by Amy McDonall.  Next I asked them to come up with an original acrostic poem about our up-coming holiday, Thanksgiving. 

Jake was given a slightly different assignment.  He only had to list things for which he was thankful using the word, “Thanksgiving.”  I did not realize what an over-achiever Kyla was until she completed four different acrostic poems in the same amount of time.  I was impressed.  She was on a roll. 

As is usual in our home school, I complete the assignment along with them.  I think it is a good way to inspire them.  They see you busy at work and follow suit.  It also allows you to share and develop your skills, too.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.  Another reason I like to complete my own assignments is so that when we share our work with one another, they will hear/see what I was wanting.  It is a great way to be a role model.

Below are examples of our work.  You will notice that with each poem, the poetry becomes increasingly more advanced depending on the ages and abilities of each author. 

What I am Thankful For
by Jake DeHaven (age 9)

Tractor on the ranch
Horses to ride
Kittens that cuddle
Ice-cold drinks
Vines to swing on
“I love you”
Nests in the trees
Goat milk ice cream

Thanksgiving Holiday
by Kyla DeHaven (age 11)

I is for ice cream, something I love
C is for caring for one another
E is for eating on that beautiful autumn day

C is for carving that crispy turkey
R is for running with the children while they play
E is for early in the morning to late in the night
A is for you ate so much you have to lie down
M is for merriment until everyone goes home.

Our Day of Thanks 
by Lara DeHaven (adult)

Togetherness in the kitchen or at play,
Happiness and laughter fill the day.
Allergies to food do not dismay,
Nothing can stop us from enjoying the display.
Kisses and hugs make everyone feel loved.
Standing outside holding hands with your beloved,
Gazing at the few colorful trees;
Inside a fire warms the house with ease.
Visiting with family members from another state;
Insisting people fill their second plate.
Nothing could be better than setting this day aside,
Giving thanks to the Father, our Supreme Guide.

I was pleased with our original acrostic poems.  It was a fun way to be creative and cultivate writing skills.  I also learned something about my children.  We don’t usually serve ice cream at our Thanksgiving feast, but that seems to be a common desire.  I guess we are going to have to make some just for them.  Come to think of it, homemade goat milk ice cream will nicely compliment the apple pie. 

If you are looking for a relatively easy writing assignment or just a fun activity to do with your children this month, try writing an acrostic poem.  Use any word for your theme.  Ideas could include: Turkey, Day of Thanks, Holidays, Family, etc.  The possiblities are endless.

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2 Responses to “Acrostic Poems”

  1. Marg Telschow

    Hi this is a interesting posting. I just wondered if I can reprint any of it on my home page? I would definitely link back to it so that my readers could see the complete thing on your page. Please let me know if that’s fine by you. Thank you either way. :)

  2. Lara DeHaven

    As long as your list me as the author, I have no problem. Thanks for your interest in my article.


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