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A D-I-Y Spring

By Lara DeHaven

After living in the same house for almost thirteen years while raising five children in it, the house was crying out for a change.  We had carpet laid throughout the entire upstairs, which has a small room, two bedrooms, and a large bathroom.  The upstairs is more or less our children's domain.  I rarely go upstairs. Well my children had left their mark on the flooring.  That's too nice, they had destroyed the carpet.  It looked horrible.  I think they liked to leave their clothes on the floor just so... »

Love Letters

By Lara DeHaven

Here we sit on the eve of Valentine's Day where pink and red decorations fill every store.  Candies, wine, and roses fill aisles waiting to be gifted to someone dear.  You might love Valentine's Day or you might loathe it.  Regardless it is tomorrow and my children love any excuse to eat sweets. Last week, Kyla wrote a page long description... »

Rosie the Red

By Lara DeHaven

It is that time of year again.  The time when the youth of our county begin scouring the countryside looking for show-quality animals.  Jake is friends with a pig breeder nearby.  Jake arranged on his own to call him and set up an appointment to look at his stock. The breeder had several... »

Which is Your Favorite Piece?

By Lara DeHaven

[caption id="attachment_2456" align="alignright" width="239" caption="Since I am not eligible for votes in the People's Choice contest, I am posting one of my entries. This is Sophia, a dear young lady I met in Uganda. I have no idea how she... »

Creative Curtain Tiebacks

By Lara DeHaven

Living out in the country affords homeowners some natural privacy. I grew up in a house without curtains or blinds on any of the windows. As... »

Creative Centerpiece

By Lara DeHaven
Centerpiece for my dining room table lit and ready for dinner.

For years, I have not had a centerpiece on my dining room table due to the fact that it slowed down cleaning time by a minute.  Seriously, I de-cluttered to the bare minimum.  With the exception of special occasions, my... »

Garden Down-Size

By Lara DeHaven

I have struggled for awhile feeling like I did so much, but did not do any of it well.  My garden definitely felt neglected last year; however, God was still very gracious in providing vegetables for my family.  I even... »

Desperate for Mother Culture

By Lara DeHaven

One of my favorite authors is Karen Andreola.  She writes encouraging books both fiction and non-fiction for homeschooling mothers.  Ms. Andreola brought the term "mother culture" to my world as I read the chapter by the same name in her... »

Compassion in Action

By Lara DeHaven

Compassion in Action I hope everyone is doing well.  All seven of us are recovering from the flu.  It is never fun to have the flu or be sick in any way, but it was compounded by us all being sick... »

My Present to You

By Lara DeHaven

I want to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I tried countless times to put my recording of the seminar on this site; however, the file was always too large. Therefore,... »

Back in the USA

By Lara DeHaven

I am so glad to be back home with my family.  It was a sweet reunion after ten days of absence while in Uganda.  My daughter, Kyla, and I traveled with a small team of 9 on a mission trip. ... »

Taking the Plunge

By Lara DeHaven

Preparing to go to Uganda next week has required more of my attention than originally thought.  I have been busy studying my material from Quest for Truth in order to be prepared to teach two small group session each day... »

Monumental Movie

By Lara DeHaven

Last night I had the privilege of viewing an interesting documentary by Kirk Cameron called, "Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure."  You can watch the trailer for it above. Last year I dedicated our school year to the... »

Grain-Free Spaghetti Noodles

By Lara DeHaven

I was majorly craving spaghetti the other day.  I wanted to slurp up noodles reminiscent of the scene in "Lady and the Tramp".  When we went off of gluten years ago, it was easy. ... »

Kisses From Katie

By Lara DeHaven

The other day I took a break from my busy day to look at some email that I have not had time to read.  In my inbox was a e-newsletter from a popular homeschooling magazine.  I chose to read an... »

Thyme For Acne to Heal

By Lara DeHaven

With teenagers in the house, we are looking into ways to fight acne.  Despite how well we eat or what soaps we use, there is always someone searching to cope with a pimple. I have struggled with keeping my skin clear... »

American Sign Language

By Lara DeHaven

At our tea time last week, my daughter, Kyla, revealed that she was interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL).  Thrilled with the idea, I immediately set to the task of finding a way to accomplish that goal. There are many... »

Wise Oompa-Loompas

By Lara DeHaven

As part of our schooling, I read to my children every day.  I try to pick a variety of books and genres to keep it interesting.  My son, Jake, chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  It is... »


By Lara DeHaven

I am very grateful for the good clean water that comes from our personal water well.  It comes from a deep water table and tastes great.  For many people in the world, they do not have this luxury.  Instead, they... »

Parental Rights in Danger

By Lara DeHaven

The State of Texas is a wonderful place to live.  It is not a perfect state (there is no such thing); however, Texans love their freedoms.  The freedom to educate a child at home is one example.  Texas is one... »

A Working Link

By Lara DeHaven

I hate to bother you on a Saturday, but the link to the online silent auction was not working properly yesterday.  Thank you, Rowan, for bringing that to my attention.  It is fixed now. Thank you to those of you who... »

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